In our efforts to provide the best possible experience for our students, we need to hear what you think. We welcome your “feedback” on not only yours child’s experience with the FAOPA, but yours as well. You can remain anonymous, but if you would like to give us your name, you will be entered into a drawing for a $10.00 Music Showcase Gift Card (your response will be confidential). Only survey participants from your specific program will be entered into this drawing.

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    Which of the following groups includes your age (or your child's age)?
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    How many programs have you or your child participated in?
    First ProgramSecond ProgramThird ProgramFourth ProgramMore than four programsNo Answer

    How would you rate the Academy in the following areas (5 being the best)?
    Programs Offered
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    Cost of Program
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    Availability of Programs (times/dates)
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    How would you rate the Music Showcase ELITE Center staff in the following areas?
    54321No Answer
    Knowledge of Programs
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    Timely (addressing your needs)
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    54321No Answer

    How would you rate the Assistant Academy Director overall?
    54321I have not dealt with the Assistant Academy DirectorNo Answer

    How would you rate your instructor/director overall?
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    How would you rate your instructor/director in the following areas?
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    54321No Answer
    54321No Answer
    54321No Answer
    54321No Answer

    Who was your instructor/director?

    Which program did you/your child participate in?

    How did you hear about Florida Academy of Performing Arts?
    Phone BookOnline SearchRecommendationDrive ByOther

    How did you register for the Florida Academy of Performing Arts program/programs?
    Mail in RegistrationIn School Registration (Music Showcase)Online Registration

    How likely would you be to recommend Florida Academy of Performing Arts to someone else?
    54321No Answer

    If you are a former student/parent, what was your reason for leaving?
    Too Busy/Other ObligationsProgram Not OfferedCost of ProgramFinancial/Family ReasonsLoss of InterestAcademy's ServiceOther

    If you are a former student/parent, will you be returning?
    Yes, after summerYes, only in the summerYes, sometime at a later dateNoNot a Former Student/No Answer

    If a current student/parent, will you be participating in another program?
    Yes, same programYes, different programNoNo, need new program selections

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