Acting and Vocal Classes

This class is designed to expand and enhance talents for a performing arts education through acting, vocal and stage presence. Using workshop structure, students will learn to expand their emotional range, be present on stage, control their vocal performance, improve their projection, and sharpen their improvisation skills. We will also learn how to create character analysis to assist you in connecting more successfully with any character. This acting class is not required to participate in our Musical Theatre groups, but highly recommended for your budding performer.

GradesDatesMeeting DayTimesCostRegister
K-3Aug. 22-Nov. 2nd Thursdays4:00-5:00 $200Register
3-6Aug. 20th-Nov. 12thTuesdays4:00-5:00 $200 Register
6-8Aug. 14th-Nov. 6thWednesdays5:00-6:00 $200 Register